PLC-X ESP32-Devkit termial shield


PLC-X ESP32-Devkit Terminal shield is product to accelerate the development of a prototype or in the rapid production of a small series of equipment.
Din base enclosure and spring terminals provides you easy manipulation and wiring and covers industry standards.

The ESP32 is high performance processor including built-in Wifi and Bluetooth interface for wireless communications and wired USB serial port.

Additional features:

  • Replaceable CPU module, allows you to upgrade system memory, repair damaged device…
  • Available cpu ports for any applications available via terminals
  • Selectable power input 3V / 5V DC
  • DIN enclosure with labels



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Operating voltage
3V/5V DC

Available I/O

Wifi, Bluetooth, I2C, SPI, USB serial

Flash memory
4MB-16MB (upgradeable)

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