Automation, Control, Monitoring...


* Conveyors
* Grinders
* Gates

Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things

* Telemetry : Temperature, humidity, pressure, device state...etc
* Remote device control
* Home automation

Cloud solutions

* MS SQL database
* Windows data service
* Data viewer on demand
PLC-X IOT Internet of things ESP32 based module
* 5-24V DC
* 3x Digital Input
* 2x Digital Output
* I2C terminal
* Expansion header
PLC-X RpiControl
PLC-X RpiControl PLC compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero/Pico
* 5-24V DC
* 8x digital Input
* 8x digital outputs
* RS-485
* I2C terminal
PLC-XDIO Arduino Nano Digital Input/Output Shield
* 12 - 24V DC
* 13x digital Input
* 7x digital outputs
* I2C PinHeader


Our products are officially certified and stress tested under different conditions

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Own manufactoring

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