The UK is a Universal kit for your DIY projects – temperature regulators, gate controllers etc. The rounded shape and diameter of 67mm allows you to place this device in wall switch box. Atmel 328p allows you to program using the Arduino IDE (compatible with Arduino UNO). The UK power consumption is much lower because there is not a serial converter. To upload your sketch you can use two available ports: UART and ISP. Before uploading a sketch to UK with the Arduino IDE, you should upload the Arduino Bootloader with the Arduino IDE.

Additional UK01 features:

  • Digital temperature sensor (LM75)
  • Uart port for ESP8266-01 module (Plug-in pin header 3V on the bottom)
  • Additional mcu ports for many more applications (D2,D3, D8-D12, A2-A5)
  • The SPI LCD interface (X7) is compatibile depending on the LCD shield pin order; for example 1.44“ ILI9163


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Operating voltage
12-24V DC

Available I/O

Digital Inputs
(5-24V DC)

Digital Outputs
(5-24V DC, 150mA/Channel)

Expansion bus

Temperature sensor
onboard +/- 0.5°C

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